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We believe OUR nation and communities need to heal the political divide.
so let's talk about finding
common ground.

Hate2Debate is here to guide you into safe and civil conversations—to understand others who have differing perspectives. To listen with new ears so we may heal and grow. To move from “hating to talk” to

“healing through talk.”

Start talking
One of the healthiest things we can
do right now in this country is to talk to those we disagree with.
Don’t let fear stop you.

You need not fear that you disagree with another. You just need to learn how to talk and listen, which starts in a safe and moderated environment.


Hate2Debate leads safe, civil discussion around the tough political topics of the day with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Because a better, shared future requires that we begin to talk, listen and seek to understand each other.

Move from
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What people are saying

I learned a lot from the papers we were sent in preparation for the seminar, and also listened to the participants and learned how they arrived at their opinions about the subject. It taught me HOW to discuss sensitive subjects with other people to help de-polarize the discussion.


People who only discuss issues among like-minded friends may not have a tested position. Your discussion group gave us the opportunity to hear each other's viewpoint. It enabled us to see those with countering opinions as people deserving of respect. Well done running the discussion group and lowering the temperature of the debate!  Tom K.

The ability for people of strongly different political views to reach understanding through civil discussion is critical for our country's success.  Hate2Debate is a non-threatening and effective program that facilitates those discussions. I recommend its use to anyone who wants to help heal our country's divisions.

Bill Scheyer

Carrying anger, fear and hate is destroying
the fabric of our lives and of our country as a whole.
Enough is enough.

How does this free program work?

Participants agree to a topic and to attend two 90-minute sessions over a two-week period—online or in person.


It is led by an expert who provides a neutral briefing document that is the basis for you to have interesting and engaging vulnerable discussions, while searching for areas of common ground.


When you sign up for a workshop, we can either bring people together you wish to mend a relation­ship with, or we will facilitate a group of people with diverse backgrounds you can be part of.


We don’t charge for the service of bringing you and those you care about back into a relationship that allows conversation. But we do only want those people in our sessions who are serious about this work. We ask that you please donate to a worthy cause after the workshop.

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